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Retail Buyer Registration

Are you a new Retail Store? Or an established store who has just heard about our Market?

Here is how to get invited to the Next Market.

1. Review the current Exhibitor list on this website for the Exhibitor carrying the products you most want to sell.

2. Contact that supplier as a prospective customer.

3. Ask the supplier for an invitation to the market.

4. Also ask that supplier to have your name added to the mailing list.

5. Contact this office with your registration info, and state which suppliers have invited you to the market. With these

    suppliers names you can automatically be added to the mailing list for an invitation to all future markets.

6. Upon arriving at your first market this supplier will be asked to sign you in at the registration desk,

    and will introduce you to the market.

Admission Policy:
Please note that the CEEAA Spring and Fall Markets are open to Trade Only.  In order to be admitted to the market, Retailers must provide the following information:

In order to verify that you are a member of our trade association, you will also be asked to present proof of your business venture when attending our shows. Please bring along any two of the following items for presentation at the door:

Guest Policy:
Definition of Guest: a buyer’s spouse, child, etc. In order to maintain a business like atmosphere,we request that all stores limit the number of guests to two (2). Also guests must accompany their buyers at all times. Please honour your professional responsibilities and DO NOT bring friends and customers to the market.

Please note: There is no charge for attendance to CEEAA Markets.

Contact us for more information.

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